Product Design

Acting As Customer Design Team

Wentai's design and product development team works closely with customers from the start to finish, which gives us the opportunity to understand the options and constraints of product performance. For example, in developing the LED light fitting, all of the factors are important to take into account, such as thermal management, optical performance, efficiency, physical appearance.

From idea to concept to finish, we work together with our customers at all stages of creating a custom product that precisely fits their needs. Our design and technical expertise make us an extension of our customers design team which allows us to fulfil design and performance specifications that others cannot.

Our Design Solution

Create Value to Customer's Complete Solution

Wentai Technology's product development team is able to create new designs from proto-types to pre-existing products. The new products can be a part of an overall project or an individual turnkey solution. We are able to develop product features that add more value and are differentiated and tailored to our customer's complete solution, which targets their specific market.

Our capacities of product design and development cover the following services:

Industrial Design With both intuitive functionality and aesthetic style

Mechanical Engineering Design Structural designs, product test, and mold development

Electronic Engineering Design Circuit design, application integration, and testing of electronic product hardware.

Thermal Management Design Lamp heat sink, convection structure, and power thermal management.

Optical Design For various of indoor and outdoor LED lighting.

Software Design Develop industrial sector and smart lighting control software that fits customers’ applications

Packaging Design Design packaging for transportation and storage.

New Product Development Process

The new product development (NPD) covers the complete process of bringing a new product to market. Through a rigorous new product development process, Wentai Technology ensures the product meets customer needs and is capable of producing quality products on a consistent basis.

In the early phase of new products development, a validation plan is also developed. A comprehensive review of the design is performed to evaluate the robustness of the design and its ability to meet customer and performance requirements.

Testing and Verification

Know-How of Enhancing Quality and Reliability

Our diverse project experience has equipped us with the latest expertise and knowledge in manufacturing technologies and materials. In our Research and Development center, there is a variety of measuring and testing equipment for validating a project design that allows us to make adjustments when needed. In addition, our testing facilities are set up to handle a wide variety of prototypes and finished products to ensure that products meet customer specifications and requirements.

Our in-house laboratory offers the following testing and verification for new products:
Function test

Testing each function and the usability of the product to ensure it is operating in conformance with the required specifications.

EMC Test

Ensure that the product is fully compliant with international emission rates, magnetic susceptibility, and radio frequency standards.

Conformance Test

Ensure the product complies with the requirements of related regulations.

Durability and Reliability Test

Test if the product can meet its performance requirements. e.g. lifetime span , and examine any interruptions in usage or performance during life span testing.

Usage Environmental Test

Product testing under a variety of environmental conditions, such as high/low temperature, high humidity and impact between cool and hot.

Transportation Test

Product testing under a variety of different packaging and shipping conditions.

Integrating Sphere


High-Low Temperature Test Chamber

Shorten the Safety Certification Schedule

Wentai has testing equipment on site to do pre-test of products. These evaluations will bring benefits to the customers product design. It allows customers to reduce the risk of finding the problem too late which often can delay time to market and cost more money to fix.

This will not only save customer time and money by avoiding delays from continuous failure and retesting, but also help to manage the process of certification application and accelerate the recognition of certificates.