Light Up Your Home and Determine Your Living Mood

Well-designed outdoor lighting ensures a safe environment people feel comfortable in. From functional to decorative lighting, from stadium to parking lots, from billboard to building At home, each room has its own function and feel. Good lighting can bring warmth to living room, efficiency to a kitchen, relaxation to a bedroom and productivity to a study. The high-quality, energy-efficient and durable interior LED luminaires enhance the quality of living, as well as create comfortable moods in respond to the time of day and different tasks in the various living spaces.

Living Room

The living room illumination includes, ambient lighting for entire room, indirect lighting for diffusing light more evenly into the room, accent lighting for highlight a particular area, and task lighting for reading. The well interior lighting design will make a home from good to great. In addition, with dimmable LED lights, people can adjust the brightness as they wish.


Unsuitable kitchen lighting will make nighttime food preparation difficult or even dangerous. Good working light provides optimal lighting when preparing meals. LED under cabinet lighting can add some distinctive lighting to the kitchen, while making the most of the space available. Some are designed with touch sensitive on/off switches and dimmers, allowing users to control lights between bright and dim. From cabinet and showcase lighting to under-cabinet and backlit lighting, LED lighting is able to enhance a kitchen lighting ambience from both a design and functionality standpoint.


The right light and atmosphere is essential to find good rest and comfort while speaking about a bedroom. From the aisle light, wall lights, lights on wardrobes and dressers, directed light for reading, to indirect lighting around the bed or the ceiling, all lighting solutions are designed to fulfill different needs, not just for sleeping.

Entrance / Garden

From your home’s entrance, pathways to the garage, to backyard garden, the LED residential outdoor lighting keeps your home beautiful, safe and energy efficient. Common residential outdoor lighting fixtures include pathway lights, flood lights, and spot lights. The adequate front entrance lighting enables you to greet guests and identify visitors. With warm light, the garden will transform to a cozy mood and accentuate your garden highlights.

Residential Lighting Examples

LED Desk Light for Reading and Working

Desk lighting is important when we read a book and use a computer or mobile phone. It helps to enhance the visibility and focus the light exactly to where it's needed.

LED Flood Light for House Entrance and Garage

LED floodlight is a great way of keeping safety around the house. With very high luminous power and optimal light distribution, as well as waterproof design, the LED floodlight is ideal for garage and entrance lighting.

Under Cabinet LED Tube for Kitchen

At Kitchen, the LED cabinet and under cabinet lighting is an excellent choice for illuminating the food preparation and cooking areas. It is better to note that cabinet lighting is not just for the kitchen. You can use it wherever you have installed cabinets, such as in the bar, living room, or bedroom.

LED Indirect Lighting Tube for Bedroom

With indirect lighting, the source of light is hidden and the light spreads through the room via reflection on the ceiling, floor, or wall. Along the bedroom wall, using indirect lighting tubes create a restful and sleepy atmosphere.