80 PLUS Titanium Power Supply Efficiency Performance Explained Everything

The power supply unit (PSU) is like the heart of the human body, providing a source of power for the various components of the computer. Only when the power supply is working properly, other components can function normally and perform as intended.

Wentai Aidan-T1616 is an extremely high efficiency ATX power supply with an 80 PLUS Titanium efficiency certification. It means the more efficient the PSU, the less power it uses, and the less heat it generates. The Aidan-T1616 can continuously serve for 24 hours or for a long time without fearing power loss in the middle of the game. It is an indispensable tool for professional e-sports and cryptocurrency mining.


If you're a PC gaming enthusiast, it is better to have a high-quality power supply which provides your system heavy-duty protection and stable power. A PSU with an 80 Plus Titanium rating is going to be far more efficient than a PSU just with an 80 Plus rating. An efficient PSU will protect and prevent your PC’s architecture from damage and significantly reduce your power bills. For those who invest in oversized PSUs, upgrading to more advanced systems will be easy, as you won’t need to buy another power supply.

Cryptocurrency Mining

The power supply might be one of the most critical components for a cryptocurrency mining rig, right next to the video card (GPU) itself. There are usually several ways to deal with mining load. You can use a powerful PSU or use more than one power supply to deal with the load. However, if you used a lower-capacity PSU pushed closer to its limit, which can lead the unit to lower efficiency and suffer a dramatically reduced lifetime. It goes without saying that mining requires a high-quality and ultra-reliable power source, especially since mining rigs often operate unattended and under high ambient temperatures.