OEM/ODM Service

OEM, ODM and JDM Service

Wentai Technology specializes in the design and manufacturing services of LED lighting, LED drivers, digital power supplies, and tailor-made electronic products according to customers' requests. In addition to original equipment manufacturing (OEM) services, we offer original design manufacturing (ODM) and joint design manufacturing (JDM), including full services of industrial design, mechanical design, electronic engineering development, manufacturing, and after-sales services.

One-stop Solution and 100% On-time Delivery

With years of accumulated expertise and experience, the company has built advanced core technology and a one-stop solution service. Through our process-oriented culture, operational discipline, as well as our speed and flexibility, we strive to deliver at 100% on-time to customer requests.

Our Capability

Wentai's OEM/ ODM services can cover the complete spectrum of the product life cycle from concept to design and manufacturing.

Our capabilities include:

  • Industrial design
  • Mechanical design
  • Electronic engineering
  • Prototyping and verification testing
  • Manufacturing & assembly
  • Quality control management
  • Material & supply chain management
  • Inventory management
  • Ongoing feedback & refinement

Our Expertise

Having well-trained R&D, experienced project management, in-house manufacturing and quality control staff, Wentai is committed to delivering solutions that offer a clear added-value to customers through our OEM and ODM service.

Our technical expertise includes the following and more:

LED Lighting Fixture

Wentai takes our customer’s vision and concepts of LED luminaries to reality and meets their specific requirements.

LED lighting fixture

flood light, downlight, high bay, track light, tube, lighting panel, ceiling light, and lights for special applications

Semi-finished products

heat sink body, mechanical parts, lampshade, reflector, lenses, wire, LED light board (including SMT LED)

Lighting accessories

heat sink, bracket, die casting

Driver/Power Supply

Featuring low standby power consumption, high precise dimming and highly-integrated design, Wentai ‘s LED driver solutions are ideal for various LED light fixtures as well as smart lighting applications. Wentai also offers high wattage AC-DC power supply (200W above) and 1000 wattage above digital power unit for e-sport and data mining usage.

LED Driver

AC-DC isolated LED driver, and AC-DC non-isolated LED driver (including constant current (CC), constant voltage(CV), CCCV)

High wattage power supply

AC-DC power (100W~300W)

Digital power supply

ATX PC power (1000W above)

Electronic Control System

Wentai's engineers have a lot of experience implementing electronic controls on LED lighting, motor and microcontroller unit (MCU), which make your products or equipment easier to use and enhance efficiency performance.

Dimming controller

DALI, Bluetooth

Motor controller

Electric tool, Fan control

Microcontroller unit (MCU)

IOT/AI application, digital power

EMS Service (PCB Assembly)

Wentai Technology provides SMT and DIP processing production for PCB assembly that are in compliance with RoHS lead-free production process.

PCB assembly SMT, DIP

Customized Solution

Just Focus On Sales, And The Rest You Can Count On Us

Wentai Technology fully supports the brand manufacturers and designers to realize their design concept into reality. You are welcome to submit your drawings, concepts, and requirements so that we can assist you step by step. We can help you on product development, production, and shipping, while you only need to do is focus on market and sales.

Contact us now, and let us know some information and details of your project, such as your concepts and specifications. We are happy to assist you.

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