Increase the Sense of Safety and Guide People

Well-designed outdoor lighting ensures a safe environment that people feel comfortable in. From functional to decorative lighting, from stadiums to parking lots, from billboards to building facades, from street lights to park lighting, LED lights perform an excellent job in terms of durability and energy efficiency. Outdoor lights frequently encounter bad weather conditions, so it is important that they are durable and water resistant.

Street/ Park

Street lights serve for the road safety, not only for drivers but pedestrians. The better the lighting, the better people can see where they are going and will drive safer. With energy efficiency and brighter light, LED street lights can serve both decorative and sustainable purposes.

Sports/ Stadium

LED light is the best alternatives for replacing metal halide, halogen, HPS, mercury vapor and fluorescent lamp in sports court and stadiums because it is more energy-saving and lasts longer than those conventional lighting solutions. The LED lights can be designed to allow the illumination and brightness to be evenly distributed across the sports fields without causing excessive brightness in specific areas.

Advertising Billboard/ Sign

The quality of light shining on the advertising billboard is one of the key concerns on flood light installation. LED billboard lights provide high quality illumination, better energy saving, longer lifespan and lower maintenance costs.

Architecture/ Landscape

Lighting is the medium that allows us to see and appreciate the beauty in the buildings around us. Because of the LED technology, there is less wasted light with LEDs than fluorescent light. LED lights make people enjoy architecture more.

Outdoor Lighting Examples

LED Flood Light for Outdoor Sports Court

LED flood lights can wildly be used for large and small sports venues, like a football field, basketball stadium, golf course, badminton, volleyball, cricket, baseball, tennis court since their high luminous efficiency and anti-glare design. In addition, LED High Bay features a rugged and protective metal wire guard design with a high quality of light, which also makes it perfect lights for indoor sports fields.

LED Flood Light for Building Facades

LED Flood Light creates bright and spot illumination with minimal glare for a variety of outdoor applications, including billboards, building facades, landscapes, public places, retail and residential complexes. There are varied LED flood light power levels, and wide and narrow beam distributions to choose from.

LED Flood Light for Billboard

LED floodlight is ideal for illumination of wall mounted signage, billboard, building façade or for applications where greater lateral or forward throw illumination is needed.