Offer Valuable Advice to Lower Manufacturing Cost

In the past decades, Wentai Technology has gained long-term experience in making our products more precise and more efficient. Our ODM & OEM service is not just specialized in the design and production process, but also offers valuable technical advice to our customers as a result for the manufacturing cost reductions. We are flexible in providing Low-Mix High-Volume or High-Mix Low-Volume solution tailored to meet customer needs.

Manufacturing Capacity

Factory At A Glance

Wentai Technology solely owns our manufacturing facilities in Shenzhen and Suzhou, China. The factory in Shenzhen covers an area of 9,000 square meters and the factory in Suzhou covers an area of 11,000 square meters.

The manufacturing facilities are IATF 16949, ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified and have advanced manufacturing processes to increase productivity efficiency and quality assurance. We continue to add new and more advanced manufacturing capabilities as well as capacities to fully support customers’ growing demands and provide high quality on time delivery service.

Shenzhen Factory
Factory Area
400 +
Suzhou Factory
Factory Area
280 +
Advanced Production and Testing Equipment

With advanced production and testing equipment, Wentai Technology provides consistently high quality products. The equipment includes:

Production Equipment




Wave Soldering

Testing Equipment

AOI System

In-circuit Tester

Hi-Pot Tester

Illumination Tester

Function Tester

Burn-in Tester

Quality Control

Wentai Technology manufacturing facilities is ISO9001 and IATF 16949 certified, ensuring that our quality management system is always up to date and maintains our quality control in high standards. Quality control is the most important factor which directly affects the manufacturing cost, productivity, on-time delivery, and market share. All of our factories thoroughly implement qualitative and quantitative management of all products.

From the selection and procurement of each raw materials to the entire production process, Wentai implements strict inspection processes. The quality control within whole production process consists of IQC (Incoming Quality Control), IPQC (In Process Quality Control) and OQC (Outgoing Quality Control). All products are tested one by one and only those approved by our technicians are delivered to our customers around the world.


All incoming raw material is checked before use to ensure the quality and consistency of the incoming provisions.

Monitors and tracks material activities, including delivery commitment, inventory control, cycle time reduction and overall flexibility.


Execute strict product inspection and testing to ensure high quality outputs. All quality control processes for each product is fully documented and archived.

Execute regular calibration of test equipment and production facilities. Conduct regular internal quality auditing to ensure operation in line with the SOP.


The quality inspectors will examine and approve the production record and inspection report for final control before release of finished products.

Once functionality has been ensured, our products are well packaged and checked to ensure no damages occur in the last stage.

Supply Chain Management

Wentai Technology works with suppliers around the world which allows us to have a sufficient source of material supply and ensure customers with consistent quality and long-term reliability.

We have dedicated procurement teams in Japan, Taiwan and China to provide fast delivery of various electronic components, as well as price and delivery schedule comparisons from multiple sources, thus saving customers’ costs and time.

With good ERP management system, we can provide customers with the right information and optimize the supply chain process in a timely manner. By obtaining sufficient and up-to-date material supply information, we can ensures component availability, as well as the efficiency of shipping and logistics.