Special Lighting

More Than General Lighting, We Offer Powerful Customized Solutions

Our LED lighting technology is ready to be integrated into customers ' unique needs of specific usage environments in various fields and industries. These lights could be built to endure extreme temperatures, corrosive conditions, severe weather and humidity in marine environments, or withstand the greasy environment and high temperatures in kitchens. In addition, Wentai Technology is good at manufacturing innovative lighting applications, such as cruise escape light, electronic fireplace, air cleaning pendant lamps and freezer LED tubes, in line with customer requirements and expectations.

Cruise Escape Light

Cruise escape light provides warning lighting on decks to enhance safety in an emergency situation. The harsh environment needs the LED lights that are waterproof, resistant to seawater erosion, heat and vibration resistant, and with minimal maintenance.

Range Hoods Lighting

The range hoods feature LED lights are more energy efficient and provide bright and even lighting to illuminate the cooktop surface for added visibility at night. The LED lights are specially designed to withstand high heat cooking environment and save energy year-round.

Air Cleaning Pendant Lamp

The air cleaning pendant lamp is used for dining lighting that efficiently sucks up unpleasant oil, smoke and other cooking odors produced in table cooking, such as SUKIYAKI or BBQ cuisine. The lamp features the design that removes odors and offers proper illumination at dining table.

LED Electric Fireplace

Without the use of gas or wood as fuel, the electric fireplace is ready to warm by simply plugging it in. LED electric fireplaces use lights to mimic the look of open flames. By timing the lights to flicker and using a random refraction, the fireplaces produce realistic flames.

Freezer LED Tubes

The LED tubes designed for freezer and cooler create attractive food and product displays in refrigerator cases. They consume less energy and run longer and cooler than fluorescent freezer bulbs, lowering operating costs and reducing the risk of food spoilage.

Vehicle LED Warning Beacon Light

The durable and long lasting LED beacon lights with waterproof rating provide the vehicle drivers a safe working environment whether they are on a job site, in a warehouse, or on the side of the road.