Support How People Work and Reinvent Customer Experience

The office lighting will impact on workers' comfort and capacity to perform. It is important to create the correct lighting levels for a healthy workplace and get a tangible return on worker productivity. For commercial and retail settings, LED lighting styles create immersive and engaging retail spaces. Another important consideration of commercial application is keeping costs down and keeping compliant with energy legislation. Both operational longevity and energy efficiency make LED lighting the best choice for commercial applications.

Office/ Meeting Spaces

From workplace, to conference room, to lobby, different area size and usage functions need different working lights. The well designed office LED lighting solutions provide bright and pleasant working atmosphere. They will enhance employees’ concentration and productivity, as well as reduce operating costs and ensure energy efficiency at the same times.

Retail and Display

Selling more products is not just about illuminating the products. It is also about displaying the product in the right way and bringing emotional appeals. Using appropriate LED lights for shops and retail could express brand image and drive sales. Selecting the right light color temperature can lead customers to develop positive feelings toward products or spend a longer time at the store.


Lighting plays an important role in making people feel welcome when they stay at a hotel, restaurant, club or bar. For the hospitality industry, the LED lighting solution can create welcoming atmosphere, as well as contribute to offering employee comfortable working conditions and reducing energy costs.

Commercial Lighting Examples

LED Indirect Light for Hotel

LED indirect light tube can be used for both wall and ceiling recess, and is simple to install and finish. It is frequently used in hotels, restaurants, meeting facilities, guest rooms, home and other commercial application.

LED Downlight for Restaurant

LED downlights are designed to fit any ceiling surface. It is frequently used in art galleries, homes, schools, offices, hotels, restaurants, retail stores and other commercial application.

LED Track Light for Retail

LED Track Lights set products and messages center stage and create a vibrant atmosphere. The concentrated and glare-free lights make the showplace an inviting area and reinforce the brand image. It is frequently used in art galleries, showroom, display cabinet, retail stores, hotel and other commercial applications.

LED Recessed Grid Light for Office

Luminaries recessed into the ceiling provide direct light and uncluttered look with excellent general lighting. The LED Recessed Grid Light (or Troffer Light) is usually placed inside of a modular dropped ceiling grid. They are perfect to use in hospitals, schools, offices, and other work spaces.