Right Lighting Creates A Safe and Efficient Working Environment

Sufficient and appropriate industrial lighting can prevent accidents from happening and improves overall health and safety performance. Since LED lighting has energy efficiency and superior light quality, it offers the ideal solution for industrial settings. 

In addition, the high ceilings of industrial facilities make the replacement of defective bulbs a daunting task. LED luminaires have a long lifespan and many products are dust and waterproof, shock resistant, and have a better tolerance to low temperature, making them the appropriate choice for industrial environments.


Factory lighting needs to fulfil a variety of functional demands and circumstance conditions, from illuminating the entire assembly and production hall, to lighting smaller spaces such as production preparation, product test and quality inspection areas, or lighting for high risk hazardous areas.

In the general factory environment, the LED high bay is ideal for a large indoor space, and the LED tube is well-suited for use in aisles and smaller areas. LED lights provide clear and safe lighting that optimize employee productivity, while greatly reducing operating and energy costs.

Warehouse and Logistics

With few windows, high ceilings and large floor surfaces, logistic and industrial building require specific lighting that adapts and conforms to their specific needs. Some warehouse stocks require special storage conditions, such as low temperature or low heat source, no UV, and no infrared ray. LED lights that can remain operational and reliable in colder locations are just right for lighting refrigerators and storage spaces.

Industrial Lighting Examples

LED High Bay for Manufacture Hall

With high transmittance PC material and special optical design, the Wentai LED high bay provides uniform light distribution and high lumen output. Some LED High Bay can withstand extremely low temperature at -20°C environment. It is frequently used in the assembly hall, production hall, cold storage warehouse and freezing room. The suggested installation height is up to 6M~14M.

LED Tube for Production Test Area

The Wentai LED tube remains normal operation at -25°C. It is frequently used in the chilled storage warehouse, production facilities, parking garage, cafeterias, and outdoor area of industrial facilities.