Public Space

Oriented and Efficient Lighting with Pleasant Feeling

Adequate Public Space LED illumination could provide visitors the right direction orientation and comfortable experience, as well as deliver improved performance of energy and cost savings.

Metro Station

Since the metro system needs to operate for more than 18 hours or even 24 hours a day, LED lighting is the best solution for metro station since it is durable and energy saving, and can minimize the electricity cost. In addition, LED lighting provides adequate brightness for passengers to see the signage clearly and help navigate themselves.


Parking lot lighting keeps vehicles safe on arrivals and departures. Uniform illumination of parking spaces provides correct direction and avoids dark corners. The use of LED luminaires with low glare and large beam angles aids orientation and personal safety, while saving energy and reducing maintenance costs.

Museum / Gallery

Perfect museum and gallery lighting help to see the true beauty of every color and tell the story of artwork. The lighting designers have to consider the environment where the art is displayed and control what the light and dark of art piece looks like, which makes audiences experience and feel what the artists expect to express.

Public Space Lighting Examples

LED Track Light for Museum

Lumens output, beam angle, color temperature and color rendering can all affect how an artwork display. LED track lights or other customizable lights make a good balance that is needed between visibility, presentation and environmental considerations at museum setting.

LED Tube for Parking Garage

LED tubes retrofit to the majority of existing fluorescent light fittings, making it much simpler to upgrade the old tubes. Wentai LED tubes are suitable for low temperature environment and maintaining normal operation at -25°C.