Company News 2021/03/25
Wentai Technology Corp. Acquired Kuang-E Technology to Expand PCB Assembly Services in Taiwan
Wentai Technology Corporation, a well-known Taiwanese OEM manufacturer of electronics, electrical and power related industry , acquired Kuang-E Technology PCB assembly manufacturing company in 2020. The merger of the two parties not only strengthens each other’s advantages in component procurement and PCB assembly, but also it can provide customers with a complete one-stop service including OEM, ODM, assembly, and testing services in Taiwan.

Founded in 1994, Kuang-E Technology is a manufacturer in northern Taiwan that provides printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) services. Kuang-E Technology, which has ISO 9001 quality management system certification, has focused on SMT assembly for many years, and also provides DIP and functional testing services. Whether it is proofing, small volume or large-scale production, Kuang-E Technology's extensive experience and stable quality have been recognized by customers in various industries.

In the past decades, Wentai Technology Corp. has provided customers with OEM/ODM services in the technical fields ranging from electronic products, LED industrial and commercial lighting, Bluetooth smart lighting, and digital power supplies. It has kept investing in R&D talents and equipment for technology development. Wentai Technology Corp. is co-developing these promising markets with customers in Taiwan and around the world. At the same time, it also builds its own complete electronic manufacturing service (EMS) capabilities, and its work extends to product development, software/hardware design, system assembly testing, component procurement and logistics management.

After Wentai Technology merges Kuang-E Technologys into the group, it will still retain the Kuang-E Technology company brand. At the same time, it has moved Kuang-E Technology to the vicinity of the current headquarters, expanded the plant area, increased equipment and production personnel, and continued to serve existing and new customers. During the consolidation period, Wentai Technology also continued to strengthen and integrate the management systems of various departments to improve management efficiency within the group to meet the needs of Taiwan and global customers. In the future, Kuang-E Technology’s PCB assembly services will focus on the fast-growing areas of the power electronics, IoT industry, and automotive electronics markets, with a view to creating greater value for customers.

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