Aidan-T777 Titanium PC Power

Real Digital Titanium Power for Worry-Free Gaming Experience

ATX Power777W

EfficiencyTitanium efficiency

AI Control Digital PFC/ LLC

ModularFully modular

Capacitor100% Japanese capacitor


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Unbeatable Performance

The Wentai Aidan series ATX power supply with the best stability, reliability and overclocking capability is the perfect choice for professional and high performance gaming systems as well as mining systems.

Titanium Efficiency

80 PLUS Titanium certified. Industry's highest power efficiency up to 94%


RoHS lead-free materials, comply with EuP and Energy Star Standard.


Low noise fan system

Ultra Stable

Apply 100% Japanese capacitor. The greatest reliability & higher efficiency.


OVP, OPP, UVP, OTP, SCP, OCP ( 12V advance 4-channel design )

Real Digital

Digital PFC / Digital LLC. AI Power Control.

Fully Modular

Good cable management. Improve airflow to lower temperatures.


Meet cTUVus, TUV, CB, CE CCC, FCC, BSMI compliance.

Real Digital AI Power

The Aidan series ATX power supply uses patented technology - Digital PFC / Digital LLC ( AI power control ) to intelligently control different power modes for improving efficiency and saving energy. That's why the power efficiency of Aidan-T888 exceeds 94%, and only little electrical energy is converted to waste heat in standby mode, ultimately saving costs and extending the usage life of PC components.

100% Japanese high voltage capacitor

Apply 100% Japanese high voltage capacitor to offer stable voltage outputs and higher efficiency. Apply highest Japanese low voltage solid state capacitor to get the most reliability and greatest performance.

Fully Modular Design

Fully modular design provides good cable management: fully catering efficient airflow, lowering temperature without wires messing around.

Strong Hardware Protection

Strong hardware protection (Quad 12V rails advance design) :

  • Over Voltage Protection (OVP)
  • Under Voltage Protection (UVP)
  • Short Circuit Protection (SCP)
  • Over Power Protection (OPP)
  • Over Temperature Protection (OTP)
  • Over Current Protection (OCP)

Green and Low Noise

Green and Safety
  • Use RoHS lead-free materials and comply with EuP Directive and Energy Star Standard.
  • Meet cTÜVus, TÜv , CB , CE, CCC, FCC, BSMI compliance.

Low Noise Fan System

Featuring 140mm silencio double ball bearing fan, so it is very quiet and reliable. You may never need to use your fan at all, since even at 50% load, the power supply is still in fanless mode.

The Pioneer of Using GaN Components

The full range of Aidan Titanium power supplies takes the lead in using GaN transistors instead of the current mainstream silicon wafer (Si). Due to the small size and high efficiency of the GaN components, the size of the device can be greatly reduced. The overall body length of Aidan Titanium PC power is only 180mm. It is the smallest titanium power supply with the power between 777W and 1600W. It also has excellent performance, improved heat dissipation and better overall reliability.

Output Rating
MODEL Aidan-T777
AC Input 115-250Vac, 16-10A, 50-60Hz
Output Rail V1 V2 V3 V4 V5 V6 V7 V8
DC Output +12V1 (MBPH + SATA + MOLEX) +12V2 (CPU + VGA) +12V3 (VGA) +12V4 (VGA) +5V +3.3V -12V +5VSB
Max Output Current 16.18A 16.18A 16.18A 16.18A 20.0A 20.0A 0.3A 3.0A
Max Combined Power 777W 100W 3.6W 15W
Total Power 777W
SPEC Download Datasheet
80 PLUS test reports
MODEL Aidan-T777
Power 777W
Titanium Efficiency 90~94%
(90% at 10% load ; 92% at 20% load ; 94% at 50% load ; 90% at 100% load)
Intel Power Design Guide EPS Ver.2.92
CPU Platform Support Compatible with the latest Intel & AMD Chipsets
Input Voltage 100~250V
PFC Active PFC
Appearance Compact design with efficient convection heat dissipation
Fan Type 140mm silencio double ball bearing fan
Dimensions 180mm(L) x 150mm(W) x 86mm(H)
Circuit Protection OVP, OCP, OPP, SCP, UVP, OTP
Safty cTÜVus, TÜv, CB , CE , CCC, FCC, BSMI
Operation Temperature 0~50°C
Warranty 10 years warranty 
* Several warranty solutions are available for our customers to choose from.
Connectors (Detachable Cables) MB 20+4Pin 1 cable
CPU 4+4Pin 2 cables
PCI-E 6+2Pin 8 cables
4 SATA 4 cables
3 Molex (4Pin) 2 cables
Molex to FDD Adapter 1 cable