Build In 180W~240W Dimmable LED Driver (Bluetooth Mesh)


Output Voltage48V, 54V, 66V, 150V

Input Voltage90-305VAC

Fully ProtectedOVP/OCP/OTP/SCP

Dimming4-in-1 dimming

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Wentai AC-DC build-in 180W~240W dimmable LED driver is available with 48V, 54V, 66V, and 150V output voltages.

4-in-1-Dimming Function (detecting signal types: 1-10V DC, 10V PWM, Bluetooth, VR Resistor) 

The LED driver supporting Bluetooth Mesh creates a building-wide IoT network capable of controlling lighting and other building systems, such as adjusting the blinds or controlling the HVAC.

Flexible Power Application Design
By different function combinations, the LED driver is designed to meet varied application needs and energy optimization needs. Options include externally adjustable output voltage and current levels.

Fully Protections and Meets Safety Standard
The power supplies are short circuit,  over temperature, over current, and over voltage protected.  It complies with safety regulations, such as CCC, CE, UL, TÜV, PSE and comes with a full 5-year warranty. 

Efficient Energy Saving and Broad Lighting Applications
The  energy efficient  LED build-in driver is suitable for locations down to -40°C and up to 70°C ambient temperature. It is perfect to use in the harsh environment for both indoor and outdoor lighting applications, such as LED high bay, street light, flood light, electronic signage, advertising light box, video wall.

Build In 180W~240W Dimmable LED Driver
Model Download Type Power Output Voltage Input Voltage Warranty
WI-180-48D-L 1.23 MB AC/DC 180W 48V 90-305VAC 5 years
WI-180-66D-L AC/DC 180W 66V 90-305VAC 5 years
WI-200-48D-L AC/DC 200W 48V 90-305VAC 5 years
WI-210-66D-L AC/DC 210W 66V 90-305VAC 5 years
WI-220-48D-L AC/DC 220W 48V 90-305VAC 5 years
WI-240-48D-L AC/DC 240W 48V 90-305VAC 5 years
WI-240-54D-L AC/DC 240W 54V 90-305VAC 5 years
WI-240-66D-L AC/DC 240W 66V 90-305VAC 5 years
WI-240-150D-L AC/DC 240W 150V 90-305VAC 5 years
General Information
Type Build In LED Driver
Series 180W~240W Dimmable Series
Power 180W~240W
Dimension: (L x W x H) 259.5 x 76.5x 42 mm
Applications LED high bay, street light, flood light, electronic signage, advertising light box, video wall
Safety Compliance CCC, CE, UL, TÜV, PSE
Input Voltage 90~305 VAC
Frequency 50/60 Hz
PFC 0.95
Efficiency > 91%
Protection OVP/OCP/OTP/SCP
Dimming 4-in-1 dimming: 1-10V DC, 10V PWM, Bluetooth, VR Resistor
Working Temp. ‐40°C ~ +70 °C (Industrial grade)
Surge Immunity IEC61000-4-5 12KV
Output Voltage 48V, 54V, 66V, 150V
Output Current Output is adjustable to constant voltage / constant curren
Lifetime > 60,000hrs (25 °C)
Warranty 5 years