Grow with Wentai

Wentai Technology fosters development that inspires personal and professional growth. Whether employees work in offices, manufacturing facilities, or R&D centers, they will be learning, growing, and doing challenging, rewarding work that benefits employees and Wentai Technology. There is a diverse range of learning opportunities that equip employees with the abilities to continuously learn and grow in a fully supportive environment.

Vision Cultivation

Employees are encouraged to understand the industrial trend and learn the emerging practices of new technology. We break boundaries and collaborate across departmental and geographic borders for innovation. The company culture encourages openness and communication so that all employees clearly understand the company's direction and strategy for development.

Professional Training

In accordance with the area of employees' expertise, we provide relevant training courses, work rotation, and guidance from senior executives to help employees excel in what they are doing. We also encourage colleagues to participate in various external training to improve professional competence.

Leadership Sharping

We attach great importance to grow talent management ability. We inspire the potentiality of leadership and prepare employees for career advancement. At the same time, the supervisors provide the necessary assistance and guidance for the newcomers in their work and life, so that the new colleagues can quickly understand and adapt to the company culture.